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Notable Poll: What’s the Best Wine Bar in Toronto?

Un-wine-ding at home after a long work week – or in the middle of one – is always nice. But sometimes you’ve just gotta get out to get a glass. And since Toronto has a great selection of taverns, lounges, and bistros that are just giddy about the grape, we want to know which one you think has the best finish

When Arnold Schwarzenegger told everyone to “stop whining”, we can assure you that this is not what he had in mind.

Wine is awesome. Bars are awesome. Wine Bars?

Is that even a question.

With the right selection of vintages and regions, the right meats and cheeses and the right atmosphere, few things beat a good chill session at a wine bar. They’re great for a catch-up, a warm-up, or a throw-down and most good spots can handle a good plate as well a fine glasses. At a wine bar, you really can’t go wrong. Question is, which one do you think is this city’s best?

Whether you’re about the nose, the body, or the legs, we want to know where you like to get uncorked in Toronto. Take a look at our suggestions below and tell us what Toronto wine bar tickles your tannins. If you have somewhere else in mind, simply select ‘other’, enter the name, and we’ll make sure they get mixed in the barrel…     



Crush Wine Bar

Midfield Wine Bar & Tavern

Skin & Bones

The Wine Bar

Tappo Wine Bar & Restaurant

Cibo Wine Bar

PicNic Wine Bar


Salt Wine Bar


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