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Notable Listens: Podcasts to play for October

Hello, spooky season. For October, we’ve rounded up some of the spookiest, most chilling podcasts we’re listening to right now. Let us know what you think of this month’s list on Instagram @notablelife! Without further adieu, here’s our October Notable Listens: 

Alice Isn’t Dead

Ready to get spooked? Alice Isn’t Dead is a NightVale production and does an incredible job of storytelling. The podcast follows a truck driver in search of a wife that she assumes was dead. During her journey, she comes across serial murderers that aren’t exactly human, towns lost in time, and a conspiracy theory (because we all love conspiracy theories) that captivates and spooks the audience. 

My Favorite Murder

A true-crime podcast that’s taken the audio world by storm, My Favorite Murder is the perfect mix of terror and humour. the podcast features the two hosts, Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, sharing their favourite true crime stories, while adding a twist of comedy to each episode. The result is an incredibly dedicated following and the dual-memoir, Stay Sexy Don’t Get Murdered

Canadian True Crime 

Why not get creeped out by some of the most riveting true-crime tales happening in our own backyard? Canadian True Crime covers cases that have happened throughout Canadian History. Hosted by Kristi Lee, the podcast does an amazing job at pulling true court documents, news archives, and other available sources to give listeners the truth about these spooky stories. 

The NoSleep Podcast 

The name doesn’t lie. Be prepared to get no sleep when listening to these terrifying tales. The NoSleep Podcast dives into riveting original horror stories narrated by a cast of talented voice actors. The podcast’s sound design is unlike any other, making you feel as if you’re in the story yourself.


Lore dives into the mysterious, intriguing, and purely terrifying stories from our history pages. Each episode explores unexplainable creatures, places, and events that haunt our past. As the podcast says, “sometimes the truth is more frightening than fiction.” If you’re ready to get spooked with some folklore stories, turn on Lore. The podcast was also made into a TV show and book series due to its popularity in the podcast community. 

Alison Osborne

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