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Notable Listens: Podcasts to Play for November

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The holiday season is upon us. Too early? Maybe, but that’s not stopping us from giving you our top podcasts to listen to while you curl up with some warm hot chocolate. Check out our November list of Notable Listens as the weather gets chillier and the days get shorter. Let us know what you think of this month’s list on Instagram @notablelife! 

Without further adieu, here’s our November Notable Listens: 

Sounds Like a Cult

Are you also obsessed over learning about cults?  Sounds Like a Cult covers the modern day cults that we know too well. Hosted by Amanda Montell and Isa Medina, Sounds Like a Cult breaks down everything from essential oils to the Royal Family. The goal of the show is to recognize that it may sound like a cult, but is it really a cult? 

Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain 

If you love Emma Chamberlain you love her podcast. Recorded from her bed (no lie), each week Emma debriefs what’s been on her mind. Maybe it’s philosophy, a random story from her childhood, or advice she’s been given or is giving. Each episode feels fresh, interesting, and makes you feel like you’re one of Emma’s good friends. 

Hills I’d Die On

Hosted by writer/comedian Taylor Cox, Hills I’d Die On is a hilarious podcast that invites guests to share and debate unpopular opinions they feel so strongly about they would be willing to die on a hill over them. Each episode is an entertaining dive into a specific opinion. Some you’ll agree with, some you’ll be shocked by, and some will have you wanting to pick up the phone to join the debate. 

Archetypes with Meghan 

This podcast is often mentioned as a must-listen, so we must include it here. Archetypes with Meghan is the latest podcast (launched in August) from Archewell Audio, in partnership with Spotify. Hosted by Meghan Markle (yes, that Meghan), the podcast is investigating, dissecting, and subverting the labels that try to hold women back. 

Normal Gossip 

Get ready to hear the gossip we all love to hear. Hosted by Kelsey McKinney, Normal Gossip gives you the strange, funny, and utterly wild gossip about people that you’ll never know or meet. In each episode, listeners submit comedic gossip and Kesley takes it upon herself to share that gossip with the rest of the world. If you aren’t already addicted to this podcast, I recommend hitting play now. 

Alison Osborne

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