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Notable Listens: Podcasts to play for June

Welcome to the second month of our Notable Listens series! 

Each month, we’ll be sharing a list of five podcasts to check out, curated by our podcast expert, Alison Osborne. We try to ensure that each list features a wide variety of topics and genres so you can find something that piques your interest. Or listen to all of them and expand your horizons!

Here’s our Notable Listens for June: 

1. Fleurish 

A feel-good podcast that I recently got into. Fleurish is a podcast where it feels like I’m hanging out with two of my best friends.

Hosted by a dynamic duo, Nic and Jules, every episode features an honest conversation between the two. They do a great job at sharing insights into their personal lives and how certain topics impact them, giving you space to connect with them more deeply as a listener. 

Fleurish is meant to uplift, inspire, encourage, and make you laugh, and I can say it’s doing just that. Additionally, I think the podcast offers a level of relatability, making you feel as if you’re not so alone on specific life experiences. 

2. Huberman Lab

For all of the personal development listeners out there, Huberman Lab is sharing endless actionable tips and strategies to better your life. 

Hosted by tenured Professor of Neurobiology and Ophthalmology at Stanford School of Medicine, Andrew Huberman is a credible source to break down neuroscience for us to say the least. Each episode either answers a question that we may have about our mind and body or covers a topic that can help to improve how we move, think, and feel. 

Helpful tip: Have a notepad beside you when listening to this podcast because the amount of tips he shares throughout the episode is beneficent. 

3. Something Was Wrong 

This is a powerful podcast, to say the least. Something Was Wrong is a true-crime docuseries style podcast, meaning you’ll want to start from the beginning to follow the entire story. 

The show explores the discovery, trauma, and recovery from shocking life events and abusive relationships. The podcast is well-produced and brings in a variety of different voices and perspectives on the story of the season. Once you hit play you’ll struggle to step away but also to note that some episodes are more challenging to get through.

4. Modern Love 

If you’re a lover of love, Modern Love is for you. Fair warning, not every episode is the fairytale love story that you may think it will be, but still… this podcast is amazing. 

Based on the New York Times column, Modern Love has turned into a podcast, various books, and a TV Show (that I’m also obsessed with). Hosted by Anna Martin, each episode shares a different story on love and all of the ups, downs, glorious moments, and pitfalls. 

5. Other People’s Lives 

And lastly, we’ll end this list with one of my guilty pleasures, Other People’s Lives

Co-hosted by Joe Santagato and Greg Dybec, let me tell you that this podcast is probably one of the most strange and wild shows that I’ve listened to. Each week features a conversation between Joe, Greg, and an anonymous caller that’s typically found on the internet. The anonymous caller shares a story, experience, or fact about them that is sometimes funny, sad, shocking, or just strange. 

They cover everything from odd careers to unique kinks. If you’re up for it, I promise that you won’t ever be not entertained. 

Alison Osborne

Alison is an experienced marketer passionate about podcasting, content marketing, wellness and travel.