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Looking for some new podcasts to check out for the summer? 

Well, look no further. Keep scrolling to discover our July list of Notable Listens! Let us know what you think of this month’s list on Instagram @notablelife! 

Without further adieu, here’s our July Notable Listens: 

1. Mind Love 

Hosted by Melissa Monte, Mind Love is your personal mindset and self-love mentoring podcast (because who doesn’t need that in their life!?). Every week, Melissa sits down for an hour to share personal stories in addition to evidence-based research to help you lead a more intentional life. 

Discover modern mindfulness techniques to level up your mind, body, and soul with topics covering self-love, developing a positive mindset, finding your purpose, breaking negative thought cycles, reducing stress and anxiety, and so much more. Use this podcast as your tool to start waking up and harnessing your power.  

2. Better! With Dr. Stephanie 

This podcast is my absolute favorite! Every episode leaves me with actionable advice and tricks to improve my health. The podcast is focused on helping women better their bodies, minds, relationships, and family life.

Host, Dr. Stephanie Estima, is a chiropractor with a special interest in metabolism, body composition, functional neurology, and female physiology. She has a knack for taking complex science and breaking it down so listeners understand how to integrate it into their everyday lives. 

The podcast either features distinguished, notable guests in the health and science field or Dr. Stephanie just goes solo with the microphone. 

3. The Brave Marketer 

I recently came across this podcast but so far, I’m loving it. Even if you’re not familiar with the world of marketing, this podcast is still an interesting listen.

Every season focuses on a different industry topic or trend. For their fourth season, The Brave Marketer is taking a look at all things crypto. The rise of NFTs and token launches has sparked a deep dive into blockchain technology. 

This season will also be covering topics around , DeFi, wallets, DAOs, Web3, Layer 1 protocols, privacy, and the creator economy. If you’re looking to brush up on your tech knowledge and impress everyone at your next dinner party, tune in to The Brave Marketer. 

4. Catfish: The Podcast 

Please tell me you used to watch Catfish on MTV… and now, you can listen to it too. Hosted by (of course) Nev Schulman, Catfish: The Podcast is bringing listeners the same shocking, dramatic and juicy episodes but in audio form. 

If you’re unfamiliar with Catfish, it’s basically a series where Nev Schulman helps to uncover the mysteries behind online dating. Nev helps people track down their online live interests and uncover whether that love interest is real or a catfish. 

5. Who Killed Daphne? 

A series that’s been making headlines in the audio world, Who Killed Daphne? is powered by Wondery and hosted by investigative reporter, Stephen Grey. 

The podcast follows the mysterious death of Daphne Caruana Galizia who died in a car bomb in Malta, along with the hunt to uncover who her killers are with many secrets and clues along the way. If you’re in the mood to completely binge-listen to a series, press play on Who Killed Daphne? 

Alison Osborne

Alison is an experienced marketer passionate about podcasting, content marketing, wellness and travel.