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This New Feature Will Take Your Netflix and Chill Game to the Next Level

Update: Canada’s Netflix library still blows, but this new feature might just make up for it.

It’s called Flixtape, and as you might’ve guessed from the name, it lets you make mixtape-esque playlists using Netflix movies and shows. You can pick titles according to your mood, a theme, or a message.

The first step is to name your Flixtape. Netflix will then suggest three shows and/or movies that correspond with the vibe you’re going for. From there, you can edit their picks and add your own for a maximum of six titles.

You can also customize the cover of your Flixtape. Pick doodles to match the theme, or even add the name of the special somebody who’ll be receiving your lovingly curated playlist.

When your Flixtape is ready to go, you can share it with the world via Twitter or Facebook, or email or text it to someone if you want to keep it private. As long as that person has an active account, they will be able to see your creation in all its glory.

Okay, so maybe this doesn’t compensate for the fact that we’re totally getting shafted for content in Canada. It is, however, a fun new addition to the streaming experience. And if the Pokemon Go craze is any indication, a little 90s nostalgia is never a bad thing.


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