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Netflix is Hiring Someone to Travel the World and Instagram Pics of Movie Stars for $2000 a Week

Imagine travelling the world while hanging out with some of your favourite celebrities and getting paid to do it.

Well, dream job alert: Netflix has announced it’s holding a contest to find four ‘Grammasters’ to travel to Netflix sets around the world to document all of the amazing shenanigans that take place behind the scenes. Netflix will not only cover all of your costs, but you’ll also get paid $2,000 a week.

Coolest. Contest. Ever.

All you have to do is follow Netflix on Instagram and hashtag three of your best photos with #grammasters3 by March 6 and you’ll be automatically entered.

“We’re looking for TV and movie fans with a talent for taking pictures. Choose photos that show off your interests or passions,” Netflix wrote on the contest site.

So maybe hold off on sharing brunch photos or pictures of your cat for the next few days. It’s time to get creative.

If you end up winning, you’ll get to join the Netflix team and travel for two weeks, while visiting popular shows, films, and even Netflix originals sets in Europe and the Middle East.

To apply, you must be 21 years of age or older and have a mobile phone or electronic device that supports Instagram. Your account cannot be in the “private” setting.

Good luck!

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