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Montreal’s Notable Microbreweries

It's no secret that the best beers a city has to offer are usually found at a local microbrewery. With plenty of options to choose from in Montreal, we've made the rounds and come up with our picks for the most delicious home brews

As much as Montreal is known for it’s nightlife, bars and restaurants, it is also a city famous for taking the idea of a pub further and coming up with some of the best micro breweries in Canada. A microbrewery is a small-scale brewery that has taken its form in Montreal in conjunction with some of the coolest pubs in the city. What results are small, cozy pubs that simply serve up their own brew on a small scale and always unique in flavor. Here are our favorite microbrewery pubs in the city.

McAuslan St. Ambroise Terrace5080 St. Ambroise
This St. Henri microbrewery pub is a little different than the rest of the pubs we are going to speak of, as the pub and terrace are located at the big brewery site.  McAuslan Brewing began operations in January of 1989, and has produced S. Ambroise Beer since. Montrealers can frequent the St. Ambroise Terrace in the summer for amazing house made brews, a cool crowd and good times. Their most enjoyed beer is the pale ale, which was their first-ever brew back in 1989 and is still being served to date. 

Reservoir9 Duluth East
No stranger to our best-of lists, Reservoir continually comes up for us as one of the best places in town to go for a beer and some gastropub fare. The best part is that their beer is homemade (as they are a coined the Plateau Micro Brewery), and their staff is amazing at helping you decipher their home brews and link you up with a pint of something you will love and continue to go for back time and time again. In the summer, you can enjoy any of your favourite white beers on top of their rooftop terrace.

Brutopia1219 Crescent Street
It is only fair that Crescent Street, home of the Montreal pub strip, would house one of our favorite microbreweries in town. For over a decade, Brutopia has been serving its patrons a wide selection of beers, including eight of their own in-house ales brewed using strictly natural ingredients. This is more a college bar in atmosphere, and will usually have a fun cover band or young college rock group banging away on drums; yet, with three different terraces, there is space for all and we highly recommend what they have to offer. It is simply a good time always.

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