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Montreal Weekender: Labour Day Weekend 2011

The long weekend is more than occasion to celebrate: there's a slew of notable parties and events happening around the city on this three-day stretch, and we have the buzz on what's worthy of your time and attention

Labour Day Weekend is typically one where everyone packs up their stuff and heads to the country, to cottages, to enjoy one final hot summer swim in the lake and a BBQ with their friends. But this Labour Day, Notable would like to cater to those young professionals who will be sticking around the city for the weekend. Montreal offers cool parties and amazing restaurant options and daytime activities to allow you to enjoy this last warm, long weekend in the sun.

To start the weekend off right, head to Icehouse (51 Roy East) for some tacos, fried chicken, and a bucket of ribs while sipping on bourbon ice teas on their cozy summer patio (they don’t take reservations, so prepare to wait a little). It’s here we suggest you gear up right for one of the coolest events to hit Montreal all summer: The Underground Rebel Bingo Club finally has come to la belle ville, and on Labour Day Weekend, no less. After dinner you’ll want to head up St. Laurent (you can totally walk), to The Belmont (4483 St. Laurent) where you can party the night away at one of the most insane and unique parties in town. Rebel Bingo has taken the world by storm. Dubstep and Dirty Party Music along with Hardcore Rebel Bingo bring you the craziest Bingo session of your life. The Underground Rebel Bingo Club is a secret organization that meets in secret locations to party hard and play hardcore Rebel Bingo. Expect this: a stage with an amazing DJ, hundreds of party goers dancing, bingo cards in hand, while an MC shouts of Bingo numbers while you dance, dance, dance the night away. One word: go!

On Saturday, treat yourself to brunch on the patio at The Renoir (1155 Notre Dame West) in the Sofitel (are you beginning to see our theme for dining out on Labor Day Weekend ? Terraces!) Grab a bixi at the closest station and head down to Old Montreal for a gallery walking tour (see our Best Galleries list to see which ones to check out in Old Montreal). Head home for a nap, and then start the night out with dinner on the terrace at Geppetto’s (2504 Notre Dame West), Atwater Market’s homey neighbourhood pizzeria (serving thin crust pizza for all you health-conscience young professionals). Grab a quick brew next door at Burgandy Lion (2496 Notre Dame West) and then head to Philemon (111 St. Paul West) in the Old Port for a dance party well into the early morning hours.

For Sunday, let’s keep things simple. Traditional brunch at Beautys (93 Mont Royal West), even though there is no terrace it’s still necessary, and then an afternoon at the Tam-Tams on Mont Royal Parc with a Frisbee, a cooler of beer (or a bongo if you feel the need to participate in the weekly drum circle). After another solid nap, head to Club U.N. (390 Notre Dame West) a cool club in Old Montreal, for POPOF and Head Nodders (DJs from California and France). This is the party to be at for the Sunday night of Labour Day weekend.

On Monday, KISS it, and sleep! Rest up for the first week of work in September, you have over a month to wait for the next long weekend.

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