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Mindful Holiday Hacks

It’s official, the holiday season has crept up on us yet again!

For those of us who participate in celebrating the holiday season, we will have to endure the pressures of planning holiday gatherings and finding the perfect gifts for your circle of friends. And even if you are separated from holiday obligations it may be difficult to be completely free from it all. Many workplaces have tight deadlines as the year closes adding stress to the holiday season.

Here are some easy mindful tips to keep you calm and collected through the holiday season.


If you find yourself working 10-12 hour a day to finish year-end deadlines try these easy tips to stay focused and calm: 

Priming Your Brain For Focus. Between your commute to work and jumping into work, take 5 Breaths. The breath is designed to calm the nervous system and helps you access the brain regions that help with concentration and decision making. This will also help energize you if you are still feeling fatigued from a late night.

Mindful Work Breaks Try the Pomodoro Technique for Productivity. 25 minutes on and 5-minute breaks in between. These mini-breaks are great to get in a few breaths or take a mindful walk for fresh air. The breaks are key to this technique in promoting productivity.


If you find an inbox full of holiday invites that you’re not sure what to do with, try:

Creating Boundaries Limit yourself to a number of gatherings a week and stick to it.  Reclaim space for the holidays. Be mindful of how the holiday can work for you. The holidays can be an opportunity to slow down from everyone and everything.

Respectively RSVPing It is tempting to keep invitations up in the air in hopes of making it to all your holiday parties. But with holiday catch-ups it’s not as easy to have one drink and exit early. Instead of spreading your time thinly between parties choose where it means the most to be and give more presence there. 


If you still haven’t found gifts for your “day ones” try:

Attending Holiday Markets. If you take pleasure in shopping and time is running out seek out a last-minute Holiday Market that can be your one-stop solution to all your gifting needs. It’s a beautiful way to support local artists and small businesses. 

Giving Presence Over Presents Rebel commercialism altogether. Create a new tradition inviting friends and family to experience a holiday activity together. 

As a family donate time to serve a meal at a shelter or plan a yearly holiday winter hike.


The holidays can be challenging in a multitude of ways from long lines to being away from home. Try identifying things that you are grateful for despite the situation you find yourself in. Giving thanks is proven to promote happiness and can help lift the holiday spirit above any stressful moment.

Reading this and craving a quick meditation? TRY THIS 10 minute Midday Reset Meditation. 

Natalie is an international mindfulness meditation coach, writer and speaker. She offers a real-life approach to meditation so humans can arrive back naturally to a place of curiosity, compassion, kindness and awareness. For more resources visit .


Natalie Matias