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Meet Paule Lafrance, LIVØM’s Co-Founder and Director of Creative and Marketing

With roots in Canadian Groupe Marie Claire, LIVØM,– a newly-launched, Canadian-based, slow-living, and eco-conscious lifestyle brand – offers consumers an omni-channel shopping experience featuring durable and sustainable furniture, clothing, and decor for the conscious consumer. Notable sat down with Co-Founder, Paule Lafrance, to discuss the brand’s Canadian roots, family ties and why living in the “now” is so important. 

Tell us a bit about your personal journey and role within LIVØM

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always practiced different mediums of art. Theater, pottery, sculpting, dancing, drawing, painting, photography, videography, graphic design, fashion design, you name it. I studied communications, art, media, and cinema as well as fashion design. When I decided to enter into the family business, over the course of a few years I became the e-Creative and Marketing Director for our cruelty-free wellness brand, Dans un Jardin. 

With Dans un Jardin I do everything from designing the stores, to creating and directing the campaigns, developing product lines and designing their packaging, testing formulas and choosing ingredients and fragrances to reducing plastic usage and finding greener alternatives for product packaging, and of course much more! Well-being is really important to me, and when I had a little more time I took on artisanal herbalism classes on the side. 

I value self-care, mental & physical well-being, as well as nature – which encompasses what Livøm is all about. As the Marketing & Creative Director of Livøm, I work on creating and directing campaigns, digital and traditional marketing, e-comm strategy & imagery, social media imagery and strategy, and much more. It’s not an easy task, it’s a lot of pressure to hold the image of a brand in your hands but I am a firm believer that there are so many beautiful reasons to love Livøm as a brand. 

How did you come up with the concept for LIVØM?

It was at the beginning of the pandemic when I distinctly realized the importance of well-being in our body, minds, and homes. I remember speaking with my father and after much brainstorming with him, we began to think about developing an eco-conscious lifestyle brand – somewhere where you can get furniture, decor, and clothing all in the same place. With all the chaos in everyday life, we also wanted to create a space that is a peaceful and refreshing experience. This is exactly what Livøm is; a brand that offers a space to take a breath, be mindful, be peaceful, and embrace the art of slow living . 

What does “slow living” mean to you?

Living the NOW, taking one step at a time. Reminding yourself to breathe and that everything will be okay. Slow living is to focus on the present, your surroundings and your environment and to appreciate it to its fullest. For example; if you had a bad day at work, it’s about letting go of whatever happened and focus on the fact that you are now reading a book in a comfy blanket. Slow living is to be more present to enjoy the now to its fullest. 

As an eco-conscious brand, what do you want consumers to know about your product selection? 

There are abundant eco-conscious options – reprieve jeans, recycled wood furniture, natural fibres, handmade pottery and decor, locally made clothes and furniture, and much more! We believe in transparency and do everything we can to offer eco-conscious choices. Although some choices are more “green” than others, we are always transparent about it. We provide as much information as possible to our consumers about each and every one of our products so that they can make educated choices when they shop with us. We are also a brand inspired by nordic countries for their green mentalities as well as their beautiful, natural designs. 

What is your mission for LIVØM

To inspire a feeling of fulfillment and well-being by living a healthy and eco-responsible lifestyle. 

How do you see the brand evolving over the next number of years?

By the end of this year (2022), we will have 4 stores in Quebec. We want to continue to expand throughout Quebec, as well as Ontario and New York. However, for now we really try to focus on the present. To be in the “Now”. We have a lot of big and exciting ideas, but we also know we need to take it one step at a time. 

What makes Livøm personally rewarding for you?

Livøm is a Canadian family-owned brand,  where I get to work with my family every single day. Although working with your family can come with certain challenges, there are many more advantages. It is a joy and honour to work closely with family and understand the essence and importance behind it. I’m very proud to say I work with my father everyday and also get the chance to work with my aunt and my uncle and even my grandmother! This brand is truly a joyous family affair.

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