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Where To Shop If The LCBO Strikes

The LCBO is a happy place for Ontarians. It’s where we stock up on cool rosés and frosty beers for a long weekend like Canada Day. Unfortunately for residents of our fair province, LCBO employees are preparing to strike right before the first long weekend of the summer citing lack of full-time workers, a lack of benefits, and no time-and-a-half on Sundays. The rest of us are scared that the LCBO workers’ strike will last until Canada Day long weekend, leaving Ontarians without their trusty store for refreshing alcoholic drinks.


Don’t worry, friends. Notable Life has you covered. We’ve found the 5 best places to get your booze before the long weekend, should the LCBO workers’ strike last until Canada Day long weekend.

The Secret Society of Wine
Charlie’s Burgers

Charlie’s Burgers is a wine delivery service that brings a case of unique wines to your home once a month, and they’re different wines that you would ever find at the LCBO, Vintages or the Wine Store. Charlie’s Burgers searches the world over to curate their boxes and have winemakers create special vintages or release limited edition wines as well.


The Cool Kid Brewery
The Blood Brothers Brewery

This family-owned craft brewery in Toronto, owned by Dustin and Brayden Jones, is centred around brewing interesting brews we want to sip. Besides, there is no cooler person than the one who brings the craft beer up to the cottage party for everyone to enjoy.


Make Wine Out Of A Day
Closson Chase

Prince Edward County is Ontario’s most northern appellation, located at the eastern end of Lake Ontario at a latitude of 44°N, and is currently the best place to head out for a weekend full of wine. True winos can’t get their fix just anywhere so, instead of succumbing to moonshine, go on adventure at some of Ontario’s best vineyards and stock up while you’re there.


Quick Trip To The Grocery Store

Our prayers were answered earlier this year when some Ontario grocers started selling beer and wine. It’s an incredibly convenient way to purchase alcohol, and it will be one of the only ways to purchase alcohol this summer. Just add ‘beer’ to your weekend grocery list.


In a Nitch

Online shopping is the way of the future, so why shouldn’t alcohol be included in that? The Beer Guy does just that for you. You pick what you need online and it’s delivered to your door in under 2 hours, right in time for your long weekend party!


This article has been amended to include the Wine Rack and The Beer Store after questions and feedback from readers asking if they will be open. The answer is YES! (and if you can’t get to any of their locations we suggest dropping by your parents for dinner and then raiding their liquor cabinet)

Lindsay Sganga

Notable Life Sr. Social Media Editor