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Last Call to Relive Your Youth: The Brunswick House is Reportedly Going to Close

If you’re a born and bred Toronto kid, the first time you used your fake ID was probably at the Brunswick House – providing it was good enough to make it past the no-nonsense bouncers.

In high school, your hard earned dollars from your part-time job were spent at the beloved “Brunny.”

It was probably the first bar that you had a drunken makeout at, witnessed a bar fight, or left without your jacket. Of course, anyone who went to the University of Toronto also has fuzzy but fond nostalgic memories of wild frat and sorority-filled nights in which on-stage ‘boat races’ were basically a rite of passage.

Either way, when you’ve passed the Brunny since, you probably both smile and cringe at the memories. I know I do. Pretty soon, however, those memories may be all you have left.

That’s right; after almost 130 years and hundreds of thousands of beers, one of Toronto’s oldest bars is reportedly set to close. And yes, it’s okay to cry.

This morning, a post on the Harbord Village Residents’ Association website said that the building’s owner has terminated the lease, and that after Dec. 31, it will operate on a month-to-month lease until a new tenant is found.

Apparently, this may happen sooner than the U of T kids would undoubtedly like: the website also says that a Boston Pizza is interested in the location (so.not.the.same).

Apparently, Brunswick House is yet to comment.

One thing’s for sure; I’m going to have to gather my sorority girls and hit the Brunny one last time for the nostalgia of it all – whether they now have babies at home or not.


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