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This Internet Famous KickStarter Is Making Rompers For Bros

Just when you thought you’d seen it all, the RompHim (the romper for men) comes storming in the men’s style realm. RompHim is the new easy-breezy summer outfit for cottage bound bros and it’s blowing up on social media.

Courtesy of RompHim

The RompHim was created by four friends and entrepreneurs with business backgrounds in management consulting, investment banking, private equity, and fintech. One day, over drinks, the creators were contemplating why there wasn’t anything on the market that allowed men to be stylish without sacrificing comfort, i.e. a romper.

The RompHim Team

The friends took their idea seriously and saw it through to market when they founded ACED Designs, which launched their revolutionary daytime onesie on Kickstarter last month. Who would’ve thought that buddies who met at Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University would one day be romper revolutionaries?

The creative process was fast. ACED came up with the concept in 2016 and the design process started early 2017. The RompHim founders took their idea to a leading Chicago fashion design consultancy, and then partnered with local cut-and-sew shops to manufacture the sample run. Next came the Kickstarter campaign, which has gained them much more that just capital to make the first large-scale run — massive internet attention that most designers only dream about.

The RompHim Kickstarter was put in place to help execute the design, delivery and manufacturing. RompHim has already raised over $100,000 in funds with over 1,000 backers, proving that they’re not the only bros who have been in need a romper. It’s quite possible that the RompHim is the next big thing in frat and post frat culture.

Courtesy of RompHim

In the Notable Life office, our males are torn. They feel as though there is a place, a time and a material that are necessary to rock such a statement piece. To non-frat bros, the piece looks fun but it might only get its wear at festivals and as a joke at your friends next pool party.

Either way, the internet is loving it, so we might just be seeing RompHim in malls sooner than we think.

See the RompHim Kickstarter video below.


Lindsay Sganga

Notable Life Sr. Social Media Editor