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Watch Justin Trudeau Hilariously Explain Quantum Computing to Reporter Who Tests Him

Canada’s Prime Minister has certainly been no stranger to the media since he was elected back in October of last year.

Until now, the headlines have remained primarily focused on Justin Trudeau’s boyish good looks – and THAT hair.

But now, the PM is making waves for his grey matter too, after he called out a journalist who assumed that he would not be able to explain quantum computing.

Trudeau calmly smiled at the insinuation, before launching into a brief lesson of how it works. And while the audience at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Waterloo, Ontario, was initially skeptical – chuckling as the Prime Minister prepared to enlighten them – by the time he’d finished, it was nothing short of a mic-drop moment. (Though also not entirely accurate.)

What was accurate though was the Prime Minister’s aim in dodging a question on Isis by going binarily undercover.

Anyway, to quote Jennifer Aniston in those old Pantene commercials, “Pay attention! Here comes the science bit.”


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