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Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are Engaged

While the world thought they were getting a typical peaceful Sunday well spent, Justin Bieber decided to shake things up when he went down on bended knee and proposed to on-and-off love interest, Hailey Baldwin.

The couple who were vacationing in the Bahamas got engaged late Saturday with Justin’s security asking resort guests to put away their phones for something exciting to take place. If it were me, I would’ve been happy with an up close and personal song or two but Justin gave them an even bigger experience they’d never forget – a grandiose proposal.

While the couple are currently living it up, dancing on the sandy beaches of the Bahamas in celebration, let’s backtrack and discuss their past and the timing of this relationship. The couple first met in 2009 with Hailey’s dad, Stephen introduced her to the pop star at the premier of his Never Say Never film. Fast forward to November 2014 when fresh off his original breakup with Selena Gomez, Justin posted his first Instagram photo with Hailey among a group of friends. It was clear that they ran in the same circles, but were never confirmed as romantic at that time. We’d have to wait a while for sparks to be confirmed because we didn’t hear from Hailey and Justin (how have we seriously not given them a couples’ name yet?) until December 2015. And what we got was the pair posting photos looking like a little more than friends on a holiday with Justin’s family. You don’t invite a girl on your family vacation when you’re just friends now do you?

According to millennial standards a couple photo on Instagram means you’re official though these two avoided confirmation. But any speculation that the public had was quickly shut down when Justin posted an Instagram of the pair kissing on New Years’ Eve 2016. So ya, something was happening, we just didn’t know to what degree. And we never really got a straight answer, with the pair never confirming their exclusivity.

In fact, we never got much in terms of the typical exposure that we’re used to from The Biebs. What we can assume is that things eventually fizzled because in November 2017, Justin was seemingly back with Selena, as TMZ caught them kissing. Though Jelena fans were rooting for a successful reunion, things ended abruptly around March 2018, and soon after Justin and Hailey were spotted in Miami. From there it’s been full steam ahead with the couple, who have been spotted kissing in New York City and the Hamptons over the past couple months. Cut to present day and it seems that there’s one less lonely girl in the Bahamas as the ring has been snapped and the pair look to be in Bahamian bliss, celebrating among the resort crowd.

So what does Selena have to say about it? Well, she’s been spotted looking easy breezy herself on a boat in NYC with friends. Coincidence or conspiracy? You be the judge, though if history has taught me anything about relationships, it’s in her best interest to save face and not acknowledge the big news too much – just ask Cazzie David. And so it appears the summer of speed proposals continues. We started with Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande and have landed on JB and Hailey Baldwin. The only question now is, who’s next? And if this is the new normal, how quickly can we expect these weddings?

Wishing the happy couple nothing but success from us at Notable Life, and sending our support to Jelena fans wherever you may be.

Alexandra Nikolajev

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