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John Oliver Did One of the Best Things in the History of Television Last Night

John Oliver is officially starting to become our favourite person.

His ability to take on relevant social issues while making us quite literally LOL is taking Last Week Tonight to the top of our radar of must-watch weekly shows.

But this time Oliver and his LWT team have outdone themselves.

Last night, during an eye-opening and somewhat terrifying piece on the shady and corrupt world of debt buyers and collectors, Oliver announced something incredible.

Last Week Tonight actually bought out $14.9 million U.S. dollars of medical debt belonging to over 9000 people from one of the agencies selling it.

Then, on air, they promptly forgave ALL OF IT.

That’s right, they just eliminated the debts of 9000 random people, potentially changing their lives forever.

Oliver pushed a giant red button while hilariously exclaiming “F*CK YOU OPRAH”, as this technically constituted the largest one-time giveaway on television ever – surpassing that time Oprah gave everyone in her audience a car, which was worth nearly $8 million.

Whether just a publicity stunt or something genuinely good (or both) all we can say is, it’s pretty awesome to see this many lives changed at once.

Praise be.


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