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What The Hell is ‘Job Hacking’?

If you need advice on how to stand out in the job market and get noticed for your creativity and personal efforts, this episode of The Luck Few Podcast is for you.

Iskender Piyale-Sheard (Izzy) is a community builder at at Lighthouse Labs, a pillar in Toronto’s tech community, who shines with his ability to walk people through a very specific and effective method of ‘Job Hacking’. In this episode Izzy explains exactly what Job Hacking is, how to do it, and why why Job Hacking is most effective way to get a good f*cking job.


After listening to this episode, you’ll probably want to hire Izzy as your personal ‘Job Hacking Coach’ but also want to be his friend due to his warm and approachable nature. He provides the audience with networking tips, profile building tips and connection tips in regards to getting in touch with the people highest up in specific industries.

Learn about Job Hacking from Izzy Piyale-Sheard here.

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