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Jamie Kennedy Launches ‘Windows’ in Niagara Falls

Jamie Kennedy has taken his love for locally-sourced, sustainable cooking and combined it with breathtaking views of the Niagara Falls in his latest culinary hotspot, Windows. Our summer vacation location has just been determined

The Niagara region has always been home to world-class and award-winning wineries, the casino, obviously the majestic Falls themselves and gorgeous hotels, but something was missing – the culinary experience to match.

Last night we had the pleasure of experiencing Jamie Kennedy‘s latest venture, Windows, sitting comfortably on the 14th floor of the Sheraton on the Falls. If we didn’t have an excuse to make regular trips to the Niagara region, we certainly do now. 

Kennedy brings his farm-to-table philosophy to this incredible space by incorporating locally-sourced ingredients from the region’s fertile land and turning them into truly world-class creations – we’ll let the confit and roast of duck speak for itself. Other highlights on the spring menu include the buttermilk friend organic chicken and delectable selection of artisan cheeses. For those looking for something a little lighter, the grilled beet salad (pictured) and smoked whitefish cake became instant favourites upon first bite. We must admit, there’s something refreshing about experiencing such great taste and having it fall under the umbrella of “Canadian” cuisine. 


Of course no great menu is complete without the perfect wine list to complement. Renowned worldwide wine authority Tony Aspler has put together a marvellous selection with an emphasis on local wines mixed with a few must-try international bottles. An added bonus is the view diners have of the wine cellar through a glass encasing that stretches the width of the restaurant.


Having brought the local food movement to prominence and perfected it in Toronto, Kennedy aims to engage the community of Niagara Falls by bringing the internationally-known attraction just a short drive south. The Niagara peninsula has the unique advantage of being able to support such a philosophy, so don’t be surprised if you see small pick-up trucks from local farmers delivering in-season ingredients on a regular basis. We know we’ll certainly be regulars.

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