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It’s Time to Accept that the Beard Trend isn’t Going Anywhere

For all who said the beard trend was going to disappear by the way of the sock bun, we have news for you.

The beard is hotter than ever.

This couldn’t be more apparent than at Sunday’s Golden Globe awards, which Jon Hamm called a “beard parade.”

And we’re certainly not complaining.


Some of Hollywood’s most famous (and handsome) male faces – including Chris Hemsworth, Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling, Dev Patel, Ben Affleck, Jake Gyllenhaal, Justin Timberlake and Chris Pine, just to name a few – accessorized their suits with some pretty solid beards.

While some were the product of an impeccable, pricy product-filled grooming routine, other beards, like that of Casey Affleck – who took home some hardware for his role in Manchester by the Sea – were a little, um, less kept. The once less famous Affleck bother rocked a scraggly, rugged beard to accompany his equally as messy ponytail. His beard is actually for a role in which he plays a man who lives in the woods.

Anyway, in an age of gender fluidity, it appears the beard is still as hot as ever and definitely isn’t going anywhere in the near future.


At a time where flexible workplaces and a growing freelance culture characterize our urban centres, non-vacation vacation facial hair is more accepted than ever. Furthermore, a growing number of men’s grooming shops have opened their doors in cities across the country in recent years, offering beard trims and shapeups to their well-bearded clientele Making gift giving for our boys with beards a no-brainer, a growing number of beard kit companies have also hit the retail scene as of late.

Beard jewellery is even a thing.

Let’s not forget that there seems to be a new set of beard-related data released practically weekly, as researchers study the correlation of beards on everything from relationship status, to hygiene and sexiness.

But, really, the gents at the Golden Globes really assured us that we could indeed put the beard-demise theory to bed.

It’s safe to say the guys aren’t going to be reaching for the razor any time soon.

Cover Image: ETonline 

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