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Instagram User Shows How Easy it is to Fake Having a Boyfriend

In business we’re always being told to fake it ‘til we make it, but somehow make-believing is no good when it comes to matters of the heart.

That being said, if you’re not actually in a relationship, then what’s a bit of faking between friends?

It’s officially eight days, 11 hours, 32 minutes and 33 seconds until cupid’s favourite (and probably everyone else’s most hated) holiday. And for some, that means it’s a race to find a partner in time for Valentine’s Day.

Or at least for Hannah Smothers it was. She didn’t exactly lie to her friends. She just let them believe that she had a boyfriend, by inventing one and laying thinly veiled hints on her Instagram.

taking refuge with a new friend ?

A photo posted by hannah (@hannahsmo) on

Believing that the only thing keeping her from Insta fame and glory was her lack of a boyfriend, she set forth to prove her very scientific theory of “Valentine’s Day + being in a relationship + aesthetically pleasing flowers shot from above = potential triple digit-like territory.” The single writer, who describes her account as an “ode to single womanhood,” decided to trick her followers into believing she had a new “not gross,” “best boy” on the scene, by posting pictures that suggested she had met and fallen quickly for a mystery Instagram boyfriend.

someone not gross sent me flowers

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Ramping up in scale she posted a succession of pics from her account that showed her eating brunch, receiving flowers, riding the subway and going on date night with her new beau – well, sort of.

The photos were cleverly staged to look as though her relationship had quickly gathered momentum, confusing friends and followers alike – and proving once again that social media is not always what it seems.

after work drinks with boy

A photo posted by hannah (@hannahsmo) on

?love on the L train?

A photo posted by hannah (@hannahsmo) on

best coffee with best guy

A photo posted by hannah (@hannahsmo) on

date night ca(noodle)ing

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So for those dreading the imminent V-day posts of smug-couples coming to a social media platform near you, now’s your chance to turn the tables.

Because love, as it turns out, is just a well-angled picture and misleading caption away…


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