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IKEA Now Has Furniture That Will Wirelessly Charge Your Phone

IKEA has just launched a line of furniture that will wirelessly charge your phone. Set to hit stores this April, the line will include things like lamps, desks, and bedside tables. And we have a feeling this is just the beginning

Our homes are about to become more even more connected.

Coming this April to IKEA stores in Europe and North America, new furniture will be come complete with phone chargers – no wires necessary.

The famous Swedish furniture company we all know and love has partnered with Wireless Power Consortium to produce a line of furniture that includes Qi wireless device chargers.

Pieces include items like lamps, desks, and bedside tables. It will charge devices that are placed on or near the furniture – so you’ll no longer have a panic attack when you leave your charger at work. 

IKEA will also sell a pad to add Qi charging to any surface.

Pricing has yet to be confirmed, but it’s safe to assume that these pieces won’t break the bank.

The bad news? If you have a recent phone from Apple, Samsung, or LG, it likely won’t support charging on its own, but inexpensive adapters are available.


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