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Snapchat & Vice Are Co-Producing A New Reality Dating Show Starring Action Bronson

The last three things in the world that make me think about love are Snapchat, Vice and Action Bronson but the trio is producing a dating show anyway. Snapchat is moving into original content with a show called Hungry Hearts with Action Bronson, produced by VICELAND

Have you ever seen Action Bronson’s show, also produced by VICELAND, called F*ck That’s Delicious? When Bronson takes a bite of food he has to use one hand to hold his massive beard out of the way from his fork, and it’s not terribly appealing. However, Bronson really knows food — he’s well versed on ingredients, technique, restaurants and chefs, and it makes perfect sense for the rapper to have a show about food.

Love? We’re not so sure.

In 2015, Action Bronson was pulled from the NXNE lineup in Toronto after a petition about his song titled “Consensual Rape” gained momentum. There’s no such thing as consensual rape and, in the video for the song, Bronson is depicted killing a woman. Gang rape and murder don’t add up to create feelings of love but VICELAND and Snapchat cast Bronson as host of the show anyway so, here we go.

It’s too late for you and your friends to be cast as contestants on the show, it’s already wrapped filming. “Hungry Hearts with Action Bronson” is slated to begin airing later in 2017 and has eight episodes — short and sweet, just like Snapchat.

From a production standpoint, Hungry Hearts with Action Bronson will be soft on the bottom line for VICELAND. It can’t be very expensive to produce a show for Snapchat, does it even need to be edited? For Snapchat, Hungry Hearts with Action Bronson is a coup. In their never-ending race to real-time social media superiority against Instagram, Snapchat has original TV content in the bag.

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