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Here’s a List of the Top YouTube Millionaires

If there’s one piece of advice we can safely strike from the record, it’s “Don’t quite your day job.” ‘Cause after reading this, you’ll probably want to quite your day job.

I probably won’t stop you.

Social Media “celebrities” are killing it.


People with more than 500K Instagram followers can earn well over $2,500 for a single sponsored post. There are now around ten or more Vine Stars whose net worth has cracked $1 million but whose creative contributions rarely crack 6 seconds. Earlier this year, I shared astonishing income figures from some of the world’s most popular YouTube celebrities, like the two Australian girls under the age of 10 who generate close to $2 million in ad revenues teaching people how to make Jell-O look “spooky” for Halloween.

Things may just have hit critical mass: Forbes published its first ever list of top YouTube Millionaires.

Yup, there’s a whoooooole list of ‘em now. And these are just the top earners.

Here they are:

Rosanna Pansino
4.8 Million
Genre: Squeaky, Chipper Cooking Shows
Revenue: $2.5 Million

Roman Atwood

4 Million
Genre: Pranks, Fails and General Tomfoolery
Revenue: $2.5 Million

Lilly Singh

6.9 Million
Genre: “These Kinda People Be Like…” Humour
Revenue: $2.5 Million

Michelle Phan

Subscribers: 8 Million
Genre: Make-Up, Beauty and Digital Heart-to-Hearts
Revenue: $3 Million


Subscribers: 10.9 Million
Genre: Yelling About Video Games and Weird Videos
Revenue: $4.5 Million

Rhett & Link

Subscribers: 3.8 Million
Genre: Skit Comedy
Revenue: $4.5 Million

Lindsey Stirling

Subscribers: 7.1 Million
Genre: Music
Revenue: $6 Million

Fine Brothers

7.1 Million
Genre: General, Skit & “Reaction” Comedy
Revenue: $8.5 Million


Subscribers: 21.3 Million
Genre: Skit Comedy
Revenue: $8.5 Million


39.9 Million
Genre: Saying Goofy Sh*t While Playing Video Games
Revenue: $12 Million

As I mentioned above, while they were not included in the Forbes list, there are many other YouTube users with over 1 million subscribers and several with over 10 million . I imagine they also make more money than me.


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