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Free Spirits Podcast Episode 6: Travel Photographer Ken Kaminesky

Growing up, while other kids were hanging posters of rockstars on their walls, travel photographer Ken Kaminesky was hanging National Geographic maps.

For this special mini series we’ve partnered with Aaron Parker of “The Lucky Few” podcast and Aguamiel Tequila to speak with courageous individuals who’ve cast off their traditional 9-5 jobs to boldly pursue what can only be defined as dream jobs. These dreamers and doers exercise skills in photography, blogging, graphic design, and digital marketing – often all within the span of a day.

He never imagined that in his career, he’d be featured twice on the cover of National Geographic and numerous others within the travel bible. While a life as a travel photographer is a for surely thrilling, it’s anything but stable – as Kaminesky will tell you. Though his career has taken him from fashion to travelling the world, it all began somewhere much less glamorous – a warehouse.

After graduating college he decided to take the “safe route” and got his first job driving a warehous truck before quickly moving up the ranks to store supervisor. Seeing his talent and potential his boss told him, “if you don’t quit, I’ll fire you” and the rest is history. In this episode Ken speaks to people out there who might need that little extra push to leave their jobs, and asks a fundamentally important question in one’s own search for purpose, “What is happiness?”

Travel-Photographer-Free Spirits-The-Lucky-Few-Podcast-Ken-Kaminesky-Discovery-Tours-Aaron-Parker-Aguamiel-Tequila

Ken talks through the ups and downs a career in photography can include, from landing two National Geographic covers to now running his own business called Discovery Photo Tours, in which he takes people who are interested in learning about travel photography out into the world to learn from the pros. Fun fact, our first guests Dave and Deb from The Planet D will be attending Ken’s Tanzania tour coming up in October!


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