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FFWD AdWeek: 5 Notable Pre/Post Event Cocktail Spots

If there was ever the perfect time to mix business with play, it's during FFWD Advertising and Marketing Week. Here are five pre/post-event cocktail locations in Toronto to impress your client/boss/colleague

If you are in advertising, marketing or communications, you better be prepared for FFWD Advertising and Marketing Week. Thankfully, we have compiled a Survival Guide for everything you need to know for FFWD AdWeek, from the best pre and post event places to entertain clients to what you should be tweeting and everything in between.

Right now, here are five pre/post-event cocktail locations to impress your client/boss/colleague… because if there was ever the perfect time to mix business with play, it is during AdWeek.   

Soho House (192 Adelaide St. W)
If you’re a member, a no-fail option for drink suggestions is Soho House. When celebrity staple Soho House arrived in Toronto in 2012, the private members club, as expected, became a hotbed for those in the film, media and creative industries. In fact, nothing says you’re in the know of the creative class social scene more than a membership at the club – and those who are not members are always appreciative of that certain member who brings them through the coveted doorway. Not only are you guaranteed to be surrounded by fellow members of the YP creative class, the multi-level venue is perfect for everything from civilized drinks with clients to a team brainstorm over lunch (which can be speedy thanks to a delish salad bar).

Drake 150 (150 York Street)
Don’t let its Financial District location fool you. Drake 150 is a perfect cocktail spot for any young professional at the end of a busy day. It makes a relaxed after-work bar option on Thursdays especially, with a great energy that facilitates ample banter thanks to the central, circular bar area. The space is stunning, mixing an old-school, eclectic vintage diner vibe with modern-day flair. There’s a full-fledged cocktail program with old favourites carried over from the original location as well as a couple of new offerings. Our favourite cocktails? Try the Brown Butter Maple Old-Fashioned or the Mulled Wine Cobbler.

Weslodge (480 King Street)
Opt for Weslodge if you are in the company of a slightly younger group of young professionals, as it does tend to get a little rowdy and crowded at times and is right in the middle of the King West strip. Because of its location, a post-event stop at Weslodge invites the chance to carry on into the evening should your company really want to take it up a notch. F-Stop and Everleigh are just a few minutes walk away (just don’t end up at For Your Eyes Only with work people). Pretty much every dish is sharable, and there’s no better way to interact with clients and coworkers than over quality comfort food.

The Chase (10 Temperance Street)
If you venture a little east to Temperance Street, just west of Yonge, you find The Chase, one of the city’s most notable places to open this past summer. Although admittedly a little more fun in the warmer months with their hot outdoor patio, the casual but elegant vibe is perfect at The Chase for entertaining clients and for catching up with coworkers. It offers a more mature feel than a place like Weslodge but avoids being overly pretentious. If you’re hungry, definitely eat, as The Chase has some of the best seafood in the city. For a group of seafood lovers, try the Pearl Platter, which includes oysters, crab, tuna, shrimp and scallops. 

The Bar at Shangri-La (188 University Avenue)
The Shangri-La is a good option for midday or celebratory cocktails, although they will obviously be on the pricier end. Its cocktail list celebrates classic cocktails from the 1930s, and there is naturally a selection of wine for every taste. Located within walking distance from most FFWD AdWeek events, The Bar at Shangri-La is always lively, no matter the time of day, as opposed to some of the city’s other luxury hotel bars, which can be hit or miss. If you are entertaining out-of-towners, the Shangri-La brand is something they can take comfort in knowing the moment you suggest it. Plus, it is a one-minute walk to Soho House.

No matter the case, remember that you are in professional company and not to overdo it with the booze. If you feel the urge, save it for the weekend; it is Super Bowl, after all!

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