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Executive Reads: Chad Cranston

Chad Cranston is the Co-Founder of TCHAD Quarterly, a publication that thrives on quality content and exceptional visuals. Part of the drive that propelled him to where he is today can be attributed to the following books

Chad Cranston is the Co-Founder of TCHAD Quarterly, responsible for executive editorial decisions, advertising, online and social media, and constantly improving and finding ways to move forward. Combining stunning art and photographs, and a sleek, minimalistic visual design, the coffee table book publication offers insightful editorial, timely interviews, fashion spreads and product features that reflect the interests of its affluent and influential readers. Launching such a publication couldn’t have come without some literary motivation, of course; here are Chad’s top three books that have influenced his life and career:

Robert Greene – 48 Laws of Power
The world is a cold place and we all constantly search for power. This modern day bible armed me with the ability to want power, watch for it and avoid it. All depends on how you want to use power. It showed me the real insight on how some of the world conquerors, world leaders executed and made history. It showed how they achieved and how they overcame adversities which will be remembered through their legacy. Many of the philosophies come from great conquerors like Machiavelli, Suntzu, Carl von Clausewitz, Henry Kissinger, Nikita Khrushchev, and Queen Elizabeth I. It’s not for the light hearted, but is reality, especially in the business world.

Carl Sagan – Billions and Billions
As a youth I always asked the question – Why? When dealing with religion, the majority of the questions asked couldn’t be answered, yet forms of science does that. Carl Sagan’s Billions and Billions breaks down these complex questions by the intimacy of the human mind, how the world originated, how it will end and how science can mend in the current and present century. It’s written compassionately through his own thoughts about love, death, and spirituality as he struggled with which would be a fatal disease.

Jay-Z – Decoded
In many forms I can relate because I grew up in the era when hip-hop and rap music started. I could relate to his hustle. When opportunities aren’t handed to you, you have to take what is in front of you. Not saying crime is the way, but it could be sports, education, a job, or sitting with an elder who has experienced life. Jay-Z for sure didn’t have it easy, but he recognized his strengths, did what he had to do in his environment to rise above, and eventually progress to arguably the greatest hip-hop mogul of all time. His story is epic! In some form of a super long verse, it’s like he is rapping his greatest  with passion, truth and experience.

Other Notable books:
J.M. Coetzee – Disgrace
Richard Poplack and Alex Jansen – Kenk
Adria Vasil – Ecoholic
Carl Sagan – The Demon Haunted World
The Holy Quran

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