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Everything You Need to Know from the Apple Conference Today

When Apple makes an announcement

As if you could have possibly been unaware – Apple had a ‘little’ press conference today.

And when the world’s largest tech giant speaks, time stops. 

Well, almost.

Time at least gets an upgrade. But beyond the Apple Watch (which we’ll get to), there were several more announcements made that seem very relevant to the life of a millennial. 

Here they all are, and why you should (or shouldn’t) care:


What Is It?
Apple has partnered with HBO to bring an exclusive standalone streaming service. All of HBO’s content will be available to you on your Apple device. This includes Apple TV, iPhones, and iPads. Though, contrary to the name it’s not actually available now, but will launch April 1st.

How Much?
The service will cost $14.99/month, or roughly 2 ‘Netflixes’. Maybe a little steep so far as monthly services, but hey – it’s either that or paying for the HBO package. 

You Should Get It If:
– You’re a fan of HBO programming and would like to have their entire library at your fingertips, literally.
– You’re on the go a lot and streaming TV is valuable to you on your smartphone/tablet.
– You’re like us, and want to watch Game of Thrones the SECOND IT BECOMES AVAILABLE.

Because of its new partnership with HBO, Apple proudly debuted the latest trailer for everyone’s favourite show that has dragons, war, AND complicated family subplots. You can check it out here.


What Is It?
Apple wanted to use its massive amount of phones for something other than making swimming pools full of money. They’ve partnered with hospitals and doctors all over the country to produce several apps for monitoring and testing things like asthma, Parkinson’s, and cardiovascular disease. Apple promises your data remains anonymous when participating in the tests – but these apps could soon replace regular doctors office visits and tests for many people.

How Much?
It’s free for use for anyone with apple products. Thumbs up here.

You should get it if:
You’re a fan of helping make the world a better place.
– You’re a fan of being healthy.
– You want the NSA to know you can only do 7 push-ups. 


What Is It?
Apple’s latest laptop – called simply “MacBook”. It’s TINY – it weighs just 2 freaking pounds, and is 13.6mm thick (that’s 24% thinner than a MacBook air). This laptop features an all new keyboard using something called ‘The Butterfly Mechanism”. The keys feature individual backlighting and are supposed to be more responsive than ever. A new trackpad has also arrived with something called ‘Force Touch’, which we can only assume gives you the powers of a Jedi. It has a 12-inch retina display with edge-to-edge glass cover at 2304×1440 resolution. It’s also quiet – no fan in this laptop. It features a 1.3GHz processor (turbocharged up to 2.9GHz). This is also Apple’s most efficient laptop ever meaning more battery – 9 hour web browsing, 10-hour video playback.

The finishing touch? It comes in silver and gold. Bling bling.

How Much?
MacBook will start at $1299 US, while a model with a faster processor and twice the storage will come in at $1599.

You Should Get It If:
You’re into energy efficient laptops that are portable, convenient, and functional.
– You need a new laptop and already own many Apple products and want to stay on the Apple train.
– You want everyone to know how BALLER you are with your GOLD laptop.


What Is It?

The main event, the big cheese, ladies and gentleman: the Apple Watch.

Labeled as “the most personal device we’ve ever created”, Apple’s tag line is that the watch is “not just with you, it’s on you.” Now obviously this isn’t your average watch – starting with the face. You can customize your display with thousands of animations, widgets, and pictures.

The watch has many, many features. Highlights include:

– Glances: A quick swipe will take you to quick info, like the temperature, your schedule, your heart rate, and many other possible pre-set options.
– The ability to receive and make phone calls on your watch with a built in speaker and microphone. You can also send and receive text messages on the watch. You are Dick Tracy.
– Digital Touch: A feature that allows you to draw on your watch and that touch will be animated on your friends watch exactly how you drew it.
– Health features such as telling you when you’ve been sitting too long, as well as weekly health reports.
– Apps, apps, apps. Tons of apps for sports, video, news, and communication.
– 18 HOUR battery life

There is a sport version and a standard version, with the differences being in size, weight, minor functionality, and, most prominently, craftsmanship. The sport is polymer and lightweight while the standard is a shiny beautiful stainless steel.

How Much Is It?
– $349 for the 38mm sport, $399 for the 42mm
– $549 -$1049 for the 38mm standard, $599-$1099 for the 42mm. (Prices depend on watch band)

You Should Get It If:
– You’re a tech-savvy individual who likes to be on the ball with the latest technology.
– You wear a watch anyway, and love the idea of integrated a lot of the less intensive functions of your smartphone without ever having to take your phone out of your pocket.
– When someone asks you what time it is you want them to know you’re better than them.


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