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Every Canadian Wedding Fact You’ve Always Wanted to Know

The average 2014 wedding in Canada cost just under 32k and had about 130 guests attend. Oh, and more than 5% of brides-to-be say they’re not over past relationships

It’s March and the sun has shone at least once.

That means wedding season is officially upon us.

But what exactly does that mean for Canadians? Well, last year put together a list of trends and facts expected to take place in 2014.

And it got us thinking about what might happen in 2015.

Check out all of’s info below, and let us know in the comments what you expect to see this season.

– 2014 was estimated to see more than 160K weddings in Canada

– The average age of Canadian brides was 31

– December is the most popular month to get engaged with nearly 20% of engagements taking place within its 31 days

– Two-thirds of weddings take place in Canada between June and September with 25% of them happening in August

– The expected cost of a wedding in 2014 was $31,685

– The average number of guests was expected to be 128

wedding party

– 15% of Canadian brides were planning on having a destination wedding. The total number of destination weddings has more than doubled since 2009.

– Nearly 40% of brides think prenuptial agreements are generally a good idea while the same number were also involved in picking out their own engagement ring

– The Bahamas is the most popular honeymoon destination with the US coming in second and Italy taking third

– 75% of brides will take their husbands name outright

– Nearly 15% of brides have dated one of their husband’s groomsman

– The average cost of a wedding dress is just over $1700


– The average bride-to-be believes an engagement ring should cost $4000

– Just more than 5% of brides-to-be say they’re not over past relationships 


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