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Dream Job: Google Street View Guy Gets Paid to Explore Thailand For Two Years

As dream jobs go, being paid to travel around Thailand on foot for two years is pretty high on the list.

Now add in the chance to see what’s never been seen and work for Google, and suddenly this is every millennial’s ultimate #careergoal.

That’s what Panupong Luangsa-ard, a Thai triathlete, was lucky enough to do for two years as he ventured off the beaten track and set about capturing some of Thailand’s countryside on behalf of Google Street View.

And aside from having to carry the 18-kg Trekker backpack, which housed the 360-degree panoramic camera, it sounds like a walk in the tea gardens.

Thanks to Panupong and his team, Google was able to add 150 new places of interest, including the Rice Terrace of May Klang Luang, Sukhothai Historical Park, Buddha Relics at Doi Angkhang, and the Phranang beach cave.

Thailand, Street View
Image: Google
Thailand Street View
Image: Google
Thailand, Street View
Image: Google
Thailand, Street View
Image: Google

According to Google, he travelled an estimated 500,000 kilometres using several modes of transportation. Five hundred of those kilometres were on foot.

“While collecting just the tea plantations and strawberry fields, he burned through four pairs of shoes” said a rep.

Increasing our growing jealousy to a breaking point, Panupong and the team had to take breaks on rainy days because the camera needed clear skies to get the shots for Google Street View. Meaning that they presumably got to stay in bed or ride elephants in the rain on days when work was cancelled.

Life is officially unfair.

So until you land a dream job hiking South East Asia for one of the most prestigious companies in the world, live vicariously through Panupong. You can now virtually explore the wonders of Thailand and all its hidden gems via Google on this snowy Monday morning.

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