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Drake is #InMyFeelings and Everyone Else’s

Keke, do you love me?

This seems to be the question on everyone’s mind and the reason why celebrities and regular folk alike are jumping out of cars, golf carts and breaking out in dance to #DoTheShiggy all over the world. Ever since Drake dropped his Scorpion album and the In My Feelings song was released to the public, people cannot get enough of this viral dance challenge.

So where did it all begin?

It started when comedian and online personality Shiggy, posted the first #InMyFeelings dance to his Instagram.

It instantly took off and within the past two weeks we’ve seen everyone from Ciara to Odell Beckham Jr. taking time out of their glamorous schedules to bust a roadside move to Drake’s heartfelt beats.

While you can quickly compare the virality of #InMyFeelings to that of #TheMannequinChallenge from a couple years ago, the biggest surprise to come out of this whole phenomenon was easily the celebrity response, specifically when Will Smith took the challenge to new heights. LITERAL NEW HEIGHTS – scaling up the side of a bridge in Budapest and using a drone to capture his take on the routine.

He earned the respect of even the youngest Gen Z-ers and Millennials alike, who could not compete with his commitment to the bit and even Drake himself deemed Smith the ultimate winner of the challenge.

And yes, Will Smith won the #DoTheShiggy title and the ultimate title of cool parent online, but others were not so lucky, with Kelly Ripa sharing that her daughter begged her not to perform the #InMyFeelings challenge on a recent episode of Live with Kelly and Ryan. And while Ripa and Seacrest ignored her poor daughter’s wishes and gave it their best efforts anyway, what they did prove is that no matter who gives this dance a go, it’s still got that short-lived charm that only a viral video can bring.

So until it’s officially replaced by the next big viral thing, the #InMyFeelings challenge is here to stay. Just yesterday Drake posted a photo with Shiggy, stating that they finally met a his concert that evening and he owed him for the song’s quick success. Because in those two weeks, the song had hit Number 1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart. As it is with any viral video, we have no idea who’s going to be able to stop this train, except maybe Keke herself. But in the meantime, if anyone’s jumping on board please remember to be safe, drive slow and dance like you’re about to go viral.

Alexandra Nikolajev

Lex Niko is a Toronto-based digital content creator and writer covering everything from celebrity news to the best beauty finds. You can find her at and @lexniko.