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Drake is Building a Giant 21,000-sq-ft Mansion in Toronto

Hold on, he’s going home.

From a barrage of references to The 6ix on SNL and a slow campaign to turn the Toronto Raptors logo into an owl, Drake is definitely leaving his mark on the city.

His biggest imprint on the city, however, is still in the works: a 21,000-square-foot mansion in Toronto’s ritzy Bridle Path neighbourhood.

The Toronto Star recently published a floorplan for the palace, which includes a full indoor basketball court, a pool presumably bigger than Kanye’s, and a few bylaw violations for good measure (his 34-metre wide driveway is well beyond the 9-metre limit).

Drake’s squad bought the property for $6.75 million last September, which currently boasts a smaller home that will need to be torn down so the 6 God can start from the bottom on his 18th-century French-style abode.

Other amenities, according to the Star, include:

– A second-floor spa and tub retreat surrounded by two saunas (both infrared and regular), a designated massage room and a linen closet.
– A sprawling lower-level pool and large hot tub, both situated in front of a massive TV projection screen, with bars on both sides.
– A bar bookended by separate areas for “chilled wine” and “chilled Champagne.”
– More than one room set aside for “important artifacts” as well as a “jersey museum,” a library and an awards room.
– A master bedroom with an ensuite steam shower, plus four more bedrooms each with a corresponding bath.
– A piano room, a music and screening lounge, two dressing rooms, multiple covered terraces, another outdoor swimming pool, and a gym.


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