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Doughnut Ice Creams Cones Just Came to Toronto (Yes, Donut Ice Cream Cones)

Two words: Doughnut. Cones.

Now repeat them until you start eating them. Not the words, the actual thing. ‘Cause donut ice cream cones have arrived in Toronto and they are your new favourite meal dessert. (Cronuts are sooo 2013.)

The official name can be translated as Chimney Cakes. And for the uninitiated (and we urge you not to stay that way for too long), they are sugary, freshly baked pastries that have been filled with soft serve ice cream.

Still need more information?

Well, according to the Eva’s Original Chimneys website, “Chimney Cakes are delicious and unique, bread-like freshly baked Hungarian pastries, named after their hollow, cylindrical shape.”

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Yes, yes – but what do they taste like?

“They have a satisfying crunch on the outside and a soft, fluffy dough on the inside.”

Eva moved to Canada during the 1956 revolution in Hungary, and makes the treats to remind her of home. The Chimney Cakes, otherwise known as Kürtoskalács in their native Budapest, are made using a traditional, open-rotisserie grill, so you can watch them being made while you drool wait.

The dough is wound around a skewer, spun over a hot grill, and once the doughnut cones have risen they’re covered in what looks like brown sugar and filled with vanilla ice creams.

Toppings include cinnamon sugar, cream cheese icing, apple preserves, Nutella, strawberries, butter toffee bits, homemade salted caramel brownie, and more.

And although they’re pretty indulgent, they are baked not fried. So excuse us if we spend a lot more of our summer eating doughnut cones than we do eating raindrop cakes (0 calories be damned).

The Chimneys food truck arrived in Toronto this month, but it’s been moving around the GTA a lot. You can catch it next at the Container Market at the Evergreen Brick Works in Toronto on the 23 and 24 of April, or at the Ladies Drink Beer Society at a TBA location on the 29th.

There’s nothing scheduled past April, but we’re probably just going to chase it down and make it stay in our living room after that anyway.


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