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Donald Trump’s ‘Woman Card’ Remarks Inspire Incredible Kickstarter Campaign

Last week Donald Trump said the only card Hillary Clinton had to play in the U.S. presidential race was the so-called “woman’s card.”

In response, two siblings from Iowa decided to make an entire pack of  woman cards.

Zach and Zebby Wahls were appalled by Trump’s sexist comments that Mrs. Clinton had “nothing else going [for her],” so the brother-sister duo were determined to create a project that didn’t just celebrate Mrs. Clinton, but all influential American women.

The pair brought Trump’s comments to life by creating a deck of pun-heavy Woman Cards.

Photo: Zach Whals/Kickstarter

These literal woman cards feature a powerful female on each number drawn by Zebby, who is an art student at the University of Iowa and an illustrator for The Daily Iowan.Mrs. Clinton was the obvious choice for the Ace, and the remaining cards feature other American women like Red Cross founder Clara Barton, civil rights icon Rosa Parks, Stonewall-era transgender activist Sylvia Rivera, Beyoncé (The Queen), and Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (The King).

“It was important to us that we had a deck that looked like the women who’ve shaped America,” says Wahls, referring to women of diverse backgrounds and experiences. “If it’s not intersectional, what’s the point?”

Once the initial mock-up of the deck was complete, the siblings launched The Woman Card campaign just before noon last Thursday. Within hours of launching, they met their goal of $5,000. With 28 days left to go, they have received more than 1,000 backers who’ve pledged more than $42,000.

Currently, the cards feature 13 notable woman — one for each number. But in the future, the Wahls plan on creating a deck with 52 different pioneering women.

Just one question left to answer: who will be the face of the joker? I think we all know the answer.


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