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Comedian Hilariously Trolls Subway Riders With Obscene Book Covers

These are not your average bookworms.

Comedian Scott Rogowsky and YouTube’s Smoothiefreak (Akilah Hughes) are back to crack up the internet with a hilarious video that shows just how oblivious some subway commuters really are.

Determined to create any kind of response, the duo hit the New York City subway with plenty of crude and obscene (fake) books to try to get riders to react. 
Surprisingly, The Joy of Cooking Meth didn’t even receive a reaction, while Everyone Sharts left one commuter trying to sneak a quick cell phone picture.
Some other notable titles included How to Fake Your Own Death – by Prince – Tinder Training Your Toddler, Hiding Your Erection From God, and Math For Non-Asians.

Something tells us this might not slide with GO Transit’s Etiquette Plan.


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