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Strength Coach Cassie Day Plans To Live Her Best And Greenest Life In 2019

A brand new year brings a blank slate to better yourself – and the planet. Strength Coach, Nutritionist, and Founder of All-Day-Fit Cassie Day knows all about self-improvement as she constantly challenges herself, her team and her clients to set and reach new goals. What better goal for the new year than to try and be the best version of yourself, through small, progressive wins? An easy way for you, your wallet and the planet to improve in 2019 is by using the Live Green Perks app! Not only does the Live Green Perks app reward you with exclusive deals, discounts, and events in Toronto, it also plants a tree for every 20 perks you redeem! Click here to download the Live Green Perks app and start saving today!

In honour of the new year, we talked to Cassie about goal-setting, hard work and positive change.


What would you recommend to people starting their fitness journey this year?

I would recommend: one, find a community or a team or a workout buddy or someone to help hold them accountable. Obviously, I recommend All Day Fit. The second thing I would say is to find a program or something that you can stick to. It’s already hard enough to get into the routine, but if you find something you like, you can stick to it. I personally follow four-week programs so that I can see myself getting stronger every single week because of the program and it helps keep me motivated.

What is your approach to food and nutrition?

I want my clients to reach their fitness goals but more importantly, I want to help them build a mindset and habits that helps them remove the guilt associated with food. Eating foods you don’t usually “allow yourself” to eat can breed more unhealthy behaviours. Get rid of those negative voices in your head and give yourself permission to enjoy your food guilt free. I have a healthy relationship with food – I eat to nourish my body and never carry guilt when eating certain things. I actually buy all my meat from The Healthy Butcher on Queen Street West and with the Live Green Perks app, I get 10% off organic chicken!


What are your health and fitness goals for this year?

I have a hip injury going on right now, so recovering my hip and preparing for a powerlifting competition are some of my 2019 goals. It’s so important to take care of your body and allow yourself time to heal. That’s why visiting chiropractors and masseuses are a great way to get that recovery in – there are a ton of business that offer discounts for their services on the Live Green Perks app.


How do you Live Green?

I do a lot of little things which really do add up. I pack my lunch every day so I’m not eating out. I think eating out can not only be a waste of not only money but also a waste of supplies like plastics and paper. I use a reusable water bottle, which we heavily enforce in our All Day Fit community. It kills me to see people using plastic water bottles. Strangely enough, I also don’t shop. All my clothes are either given it to me, gifts from friends, or I buy secondhand. or they come from other friends. I just bought myself my summer clothes at H&M for the first time shopping in two years. When you donate old pieces, H&M will give you $10 towards a purchase with the Live Green Perks app. It’s a great incentive – new year, new me!

What are you looking forward to in 2019?

In the All-Day-Fit community, we take things month by month. We set monthly goals and build on them. I’m very goal driven so at the beginning of the new year, you can set your goals for the year and then break them down amongst those months. December and January is a great time to reflect, for both myself and my clients.

To download the FREE Live Green Perks App yourself, click here! To keep up with Cassie, check out her Instagram and gym here!


Paige McPhee