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Chris Hyndman’s Mother Thinks He Died While Sleepwalking

Speaking to The Star from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Glenda Hyndman said she believes her son died in an “unfortunate accident.”

She went on to add, “Christopher was a sleepwalker, and he did that a lot. He even ate in his sleep.”

Hyndman was discovered late Monday night in the alley below his sixth-floor apartment in Toronto’s east end. Although the police are still keeping the investigation ‘open’, they have not openly denied Hyndman’s mother’s theory and do not “suspect anything suspicious or criminal” to have taken place.

Speaking to the The Star back in 2008, Hyndman told them of the many sleep aids he keeps on hand, “I’m obsessed with scented candles … I have soothing, deep-breathing CDs, earplugs, natural Gravol, Tylenol PM and NyQuil every now and then.”

You can read the full Star report here.



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