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Check Out This Floating Hotel With Freely Roaming Catamaran Rooms

Most people would probably prefer an oceanside vacation to a lakeside vacation, but that may change soon if Serbian design studio Salt & Water can get their floating hotel concept off the ground.


The project aims to promote tourism on inland bodies of water by giving guests unparalleled access to their natural surroundings via freely roaming catamaran-apartments. Each room can accommodate 2-4 people and comes with a bathroom, living area, and two separate outdoor spaces.

A floating main hotel, where the meandering hotel rooms can dock, houses a restaurant, reception area, event space, and offices.

The design won a Millennium Yacht Design Award for its “elegant interpretation and enhancement of a house boat in an intelligent housing solution.”

Salt & Water is currently looking for investors to make their design a reality. If that’s you, please make it happen.


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