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Charlie & Yoni. #LifeAfter30 Could Be Your Future Favourite Show

Created by an all-female team of fine Toronto talent, Charlie & Yoni. #LifeAfter30 has made it to the Top 55 Finalists in the CBC ComedyCoup. Full of raw, real moments and quick one-liners, the show centres on two 30-something BFF women-children who are still trying to figure it all out. And it could just be your future favourite show

You may just have a new must-see TV show by this time next year.

CBC ComedyCoup recently announced the Top 55 finalists all vying to win $500,000 in production financing for a half-hour comedy special to air during CBC’s 2015 prime time schedule.

And Charlie & Yoni. #LifeAfter30 is definitely one to watch for.

Who wouldn’t want to watch two clueless, slightly dirty, foul-mouthed but loveable, 30-something best friends in Toronto who – in the midst of their peers’ engagement status updates – are still just trying to figure it all out?

This is the kind of show that won’t fail to make you feel better about your own life.

Charlie and Yoni have to figure out some sort of a life plan (likely jotted on a pizza box), but have to first survive their basic, event-filled, day-to-day lives. They’ve said, “screw it” to the societal script of how life is supposed to look by 30 (as many of us have), and opted instead for something a little less stable, a little messier, and even a little pathetic…but also a lot more fun.

Think  “women-children”(as opposed to man-babies) as they blindly navigate everything from their friendships and careers to breakups and breakdowns. 

Not to mention, its raw comedy and quick one-liners that will have you LOLing. Like, in real life. 

The original comedic series was created by Toronto’s Lucie Guest (The Town That Came A Courtin’), Jessica Hinkson (Bully Fighters), and Amelia Wasserman (Four Weddings Canada) in association with CBC’s Comedy Coup – a forum that accelerates comedy creators towards development and production opportunities for their original show concepts. It’s one of the last all-female productions remaining in the competition.

You can vote for the show here; click here to see a preview.


Cover image by: Angela Besharah of Inside Light Studio

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