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A Notable TIFF Experience with Pure Leaf

We like to give you the inside scoop whenever possible. So a lunch series on TIFF’s exclusive rooftop venue during the Festival seemed like a pretty good place to start. Add in Pure Leaf cocktails, food by O&B, a collection of Toronto’s hottest YPs, and these were what you call can’t-miss events

21 Random Facts You Never Knew About TIFF

With TIFF virtually taking over the entire city, we thought it might do you some good to know a thing or two (or 21) about the festival. ‘Cause who knows when you might run into a celebrity who appreciates a little insider knowledge

TIFF 2014: The Free Gifts That Celebrities Get

In case you didn’t know, being famous gets you a ton of free stuff – and TIFF is no different. But we didn’t write this to rub that fact in your face, instead we put it together to let you know what the stars will soon be wearing, ’cause, let’s face it, celebrities set the style tone, so you’ll likely own one of these products soon too

The Best Places to Spot Celebrities During TIFF 2014

As if you could have possibly been unaware, TIFF kicks off tonight. And while it’s all well and good to claim the next 10 days are about films, we know that the stories you’ll really be talking about are which celebrity you saw and where