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NYE Footwear: Make it Count

New Year’s Eve is the most anticipated party night of the year – and the best excuse to dress up – so you better make your shoes count. Whether you hit a glam gala or a house party, flash and elegance are musts for ringing in 2014. Many like to wear something new on NYE; a superstition we’re down with. Our advice? Buy the perfect shoes for the occasion to kick off 2014 in style

The Perfect Shoes for Your Holiday Office Party

Between the people you’ll be seeing and inevitable photo opps, it’s the time of year for looking your best. Your first chance will probably be at the annual office holiday party; although it’s your chance to look a little different than you usually do at work, you definitely want to avoid a glammed-out NYE look or looking like you tried too hard. We suggest letting your shoes grab the outfit attention

Must Buy Shoes on Black Friday

The year’s biggest shopping day has arrived. On November 27, 2013, expect a whirlwind of super-sales and a sudden need for strategy. Helpful hint: Buy online to save time and ditch the line-ups, or browse in advance to get an idea of what you need to buy. First on our list: footwear

The Costume Completing Shoe

Though many YPs may state they hate Halloween, we feel they’d warm up to the idea if only they had a better costume. We get it; it’s a lot of pressure and a mild financial investment for one day. So if we’re going to purchase costume items, we’ll do so with pieces that compliment our regular wardrobes and can be worn again. The most financially justifiable Halloween purchase? Footwear

Travelling Shoes: From Airport to Museums

Travel requires strategic planning when it comes to packing. Especially for weekend excursions, the challenge always lies in bringing along the most versatile pieces within the confines of your carry-on luggage restrictions. Here are our top choices to keep you stylish and light on your feet, no matter where you’re headed