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Category: Fusion

YP Fusion: Watch Fusion (Video)

The world of watches is elusive, timeless, and, just like the very essence of time, always changing. Sit “shotgun” with us as we take you to one of Canada’s most cutting-edge and ahead-of-its-time watch destinations, Matt Baily, located on Montreal’s trendy Crescent Street

JP Fusion: Fusion Montre

Le monde des montres est insaisissable, intemporel et tout comme l’essence même du temps, en constante évolution. Quelles soient surdimensionnées ou sous dimensionnées, on compte d’innombrables modèles de montres et de tendances, alors comment savoir quel look vous convient le mieux? Facile

YP Fusion: What’s Your Colour?

Certain things can reveal a lot about a young professional (YP), whether it is their book collection, state of their home or even the colour of their car. The all-new Ford Fusion is available in ten different colours to suit a range of distinct tastes and personalities. Having trouble deciding your colour? Hopefully we can offer some insight as to what your car colour of choice may say about you.

YP Fusion: Fashion Fusion (Video)

We have so many events and work functions to attend as young professionals, not to mention the charity galas and, yes, that’s right, the dates. Knowing which looks to fuse together and what to where when is at times daunting. So, to make sure we fill you in on this important fashion matter, we’re went to get the notable 411 from one of Canada’s top stylists

YP Fusion: Food Fusion (Video)

With food trends constantly changing and evolving, we wanted to find out first-hand what the best chefs in Canada are doing to stay ahead of the fast-moving cuisine curve. To learn from the best we caught up with Montreal’s renowned Chef Antonio Park of Restaurant Park