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Latest Wellness Trend: Sound Healing

With the undeniable rise of the EDM movement and our generation’s continuous obsession with the music industry, it’s easy to forget that music has a purpose that extends beyond entertainment. What if we told you, that beyond the beloved rhythmic nuances that fill concert venues, push us through a tough

7 Reasons Everyone Should Definitely Go to the Calgary Stampede

Often lauded as one of the biggest parties in Canada, the Calgary Stampede is one event this summer you don’t want to miss. Sure, some morally questionable things are bound to happen at a party of such magnitude (like divorce shops getting 50% more business immediately following the event; did you

This is One Picnic You Don’t Want to Miss

Notable readers special offer: Use promo code ‘picnic’ for 33% off General Admission tickets to this year’s first Inaugural Rosé Picnic. Click here to get your tickets.  What if we told you that two of your favourite things were joining forces this summer for a festival that has long-graced the streets

The Corvette is the Perfect Car for Summertime Speed-Lovers

It’s finally here; it’s the season to drop the top, blast the summer playlist and hit one of Canada’s scenic roadways without a destination in mind or a care in the world. The Corvette has become a summertime staple for lovers of fast cars, open roads and scenic, curvy drives.