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#Careergoals: Co-Founders of 437 Swimwear, Adrian Bettio and Hyla Nayeri

Inspiring boss babes, Adrian Bettio and Hyla Nayeri created 437 Swimwear with feeding your curves in mind – determined to design flattering swimsuits that also allowed you to eat those chips and guac on the beach!

We sat down with these incredible ladies to find out how they got started, and to learn how they create suits that look so damn good on all different body types (spoiler alert, a love of food has been fundamental to their success!).

Tell us about 437 Swimwear?

437 Swimwear is a luxe swimwear brand specializing in curve-hugging styles for all body types.

How did you guys start this company?

We started the company when we were on exchange at University. We were both living in Europe at the time, Hyla was in Italy and I was in France. Almost every weekend we would be travelling to a different beach destination and at the time couldn’t find swimwear that was flattering on us  – or allowed us to eat! We love to eat and we wanted to wear something that was also comfortable. When we got back from exchange, we wanted to create swimwear that was flattering. That is when 437 Swimwear was born!

What makes your job career goals?

We get to work with the coolest group of girls ever. We didn’t know each other before we all started working together as a team and now we are all best friends. We also get to travel for various shoots, like Tulum and Europe. The influencers we work with, who we now call our friends, are girls that have become such a big part of our lives. I think the fact that we are able to create our own hours and travel whenever we want to, overall dictating what we want to do on the day to day is huge.  Also, free bathing suits! It’s a huge perk!

What does a day at the office look like for you?

Every day is so different, sometimes its shoots and events, other days it’s us sitting behind the computer coming up with the colours for the next season or styles that we want to produce. Although it’s very much #careergoals, it has also been extremely hard to get to where we are. While some days looks look fun, we are in Tulum, dancing, eating guacamole, other days are really, really tough. There are a lot of challenges that come with it. With that said, we have been able to learn a lot. In the beginning, we were doing whatever it took and through that, we have been able to learn about all these areas that we would have never thought possible.

How does this career feed into your overall life goals?

What we are doing right now is so in line with everything we want to do in our life. Basically, when we started it, we wanted to be our own boss, we wanted to be able to travel and make our own hours. Since then, we have taken advantage of those things. I feel like 90-year-old me will look back on my life and say I didn’t miss out on my twenties because I was working some job trying to climb the corporate ladder. Instead, I was really focused on what I wanted to do: travel, spend time with my girlfriends, learn and overall develop as a person.

How could someone get into this career?

Just start now. It’s going to take a few years to actually build a product and brand that you are really happy with. There have been so many different iterations for us throughout the years. I would also understand that it’s very difficult to start a swimwear company. From the outside, it might look easy, but it’s very challenging. How do you sell your product other than to just your twenty closest friends? Growing an audience and creating a following was extremely important and the hardest thing to do. Neither of us started with a big personal following so it’s about building credibility.

What are three tips for being successful?

  1. Build and leverage relationships
  2. Be resilient
  3. Take care of yourself

Tell us a secret about your job?

We have candy and pastries all over our office and showroom! There is candy everywhere; we are all about feeding your curves!

Anything exciting coming up?

We are going to be launching tracksuits! It’s our first apparel that we’ve ever done. It’s meant to be the “airport outfit” so you’re wearing it on the way to your vacation. Its ultra-comfy and can be worn anywhere really. We first designed it for ourselves and our team loved it so much we decided we should sell it! Now that we have the customer’s brand trust, we can venture into apparel.

You can follow and shop 437 Swimwear on Instagram and their website.

Audrey Lee