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Cannabis Tampons Are Now a Thing. Really.

For some “lucky” females, their much-loathed monthly visitor is debilitating at best.

Rough periods are reason enough to bail on a highly anticipated ladies’ night, hot dates, or even your job (which is why this UK-based company offers its employees a ‘period policy’).

For some, the only cure is sweatpants, a water bottle, and perhaps a toke of a joint.

Indeed, medical marijuana is known to treat symptoms of PMS and side effects of periods.

However, a new product has really taken things up a notch. The next time you’re suffering, you now have the option to reach for a cannabis tampon (if you live in California and have your medical marijuana card, that is). Not only are they now a ‘thing,’ they’re catching on quickly.

The cannabis vaginal suppositories are created by Foria – a company focused on producing innovative cannabis products – and designed to combat cramps associated with periods (even those really bad ones that have you cursing your very existence).


The cannabis used in the tampons comes from Northern California and is free of the use of harmful pesticides.

The product contains THC and CBD – the two key active cannabinoid compounds found in cannabis. The cannabinoids help the nerves in the uterus, cervix, and ovaries to block out pain, and relaxes any of the surrounding smooth muscle tissue.

The THC in the tampons helps fight pain and irritability, while the CBD helps the muscles and the nerves relax. On average, women reported feeling the effects of the product 15-30 minutes after insertion.


Called Foria Relief, the products aren’t technically considered tampons per se, rather suppositories that are inserted in a similar fashion that can be used along with tampons (to be inserted prior to the tampon).

Since its release the market in January, the cannabis tampon has developed a growing number of users, who claim they have less brutal cramps thanks to the product.

For those who were wondering, no, you don’t get high from the product (sorry).

Sadly, the product is only available in California and Colorado, and only with a medical marijuana card or a physician’s recommendation letter.

As the benefits of medical marijuana become both more researched and widely accepted, we will likely see more of these types of products on the market before we all hit menopause. In the meantime, as evidenced by things like Toronto’s boom in medical marijuana dispensaries, medical marijuana is definitely here to stay.


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