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Candles of Love: Woodlot

They say the best success stories start with passion. Yes, it sounds cliché. But for Vancouver’s Woodlot, the adage also happens to be true. Their candles have become a coveted item in just a few short months and it’s all thanks to their entrepreneurial desire

What started just for fun – a little something to gift friends with around this time last year – has taken off into a full-time hands-on new candle business venture for Woodlot founders Sonia Chhinji and Fouad Farraj.  

She was a jack-of-all-trades at a mobile gaming start-up in Gastown and he was involved in family businesses on the east coast making regular cross-country trips before calling Vancouver home.

Their new-found business traces back to their past roots.

As a child, Sonia learned to roll wicks with her mother, who picked up the skill back in India from her mother. Fouad grew up playing in a backyard full of olive trees on the Mediterranean coast, where he’d save the last branches to make soap with his family.

But it’s a candle. So why all the fuss?

Well, Woodlot candles are made by hand from all-natural, organic coconut wax – but they still maintain a luxe feel. They burn a clean, petroleum-free flame that truly lasts a full day without the nuisances other candles can often create. 

The different scents include only simple ingredients like mint, sandalwood, patchouli, and a lot of good intentions. Adding light, ambience, and energy – these candles have customers raving.  

The craze for Woodlot candles has caught on with retail suppliers placing orders all the way from Portland to Tokyo. And it’s no surprise a cult-like following has quickly griwn through social media.

Their most recent stockist: Colette – the Parisian boutique known to carry the holy grail of everything up-and-coming and cool. Not a bad way to confirm your legitimacy. 

Did we mention they officially launched just six months ago? 

Sonia and Fouad will continue to spend their days pouring candles in their city studio and experimenting with new scents but their recent spur of success will allow them to develop new products offerings that are sure to be loved just as much.

Some of which will be introduced just in time for this Christmas.

And while we’re not usually the romantic type, we know this story has a bright future.


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