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Can You Solve This Simple Math Puzzle That’s Dividing the Internet?

Remember when you thought that your former math teachers were chumps when they warned you that you won’t always have a calculator but then it was 2016 and everyone had one on their phone?

Yeah, well, maybe Mr. Roberts had a point after all.

It turns out there are some scenarios in the modern world when we still need some mathematical know-how to figure out a tricky sum, like this one posted on Facebook by Brain Dare that’s going viral.


***Solution below***

Sure, we might not need mental math to work out how much that shirt is at a 37 per cent off sale, but we still need some numerical nous to crack this puzzle, which is dividing the internet.

According to Brain Dare, unlocking the algorithm requires some multiplication. Start by multiplying the first number by the second. Once you have the result, simply add it to the first number in the sum.

8 + (8 x 11) = 96

Brain Dare has confirmed that 96 is indeed the correct solution.

But that hasn’t stopped people from claiming that 40 is in fact the right answer. So how did they come to that conclusion? Well, where a sum precedes the line, add in the previous answer.

i.e. 8 + 11 + 21 (the answer from the line prior) = 40.

Considering it took me a good couple of 15 minutes to figure out how on earth the second solution even played out, it’s safe to say that I am firmly in the first camp, with answer 96.

But what about you? Perhaps you see something entirely different (and believe me, there are a fair few theories doing the rounds out there on the internet). Let us know on our Facebook page.

Pencils out and cellphones away.


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