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Bismarck Adds Extra Touch of ‘Cool’ to Vancouver’s Crosstown ‘Hood

Brand spanking new, Bismarck is the latest welcomed addition to Vancouver's burgeoning Crosstown neighbourhood, which straddles both Chinatown and Gastown. Late last week, our Notable team had the chance to pop by and check out the revamped space, meet up with the culinary team, and celebrate its official opening just in time for the NHL season

Brand spanking new, Bismarck is the latest welcomed addition to the city’s burgeoning Crosstown neighbourhood. Owned and operated by the team behind Blueprint, we stopped by to check out the official launch party of this soon-to-be local hangout young professionals will want to add to their list of pre-game watering holes.

First off, the space is pretty sweet – a mix of sleek with just the right balance of modern comforts to make you want to hang out for that extra round (or two). It’s an open concept layout with a large U-shaped bar with comfy banquet-style seating and a handful of high-top tables.

Their menu features plenty of grub guaranteed to satisfy any cravings, including plenty of house-made bites. They specialize in artisanal spreads, breads, charcuterie-style fixings and their own house-cured sausages, hand cut chips and dips, and other deli selections. For those with more of an appetite in need of attending, Bismarck takes care of that as well and features larger items like Lamb Merguez Flatbread, Ravioli Duo, The Bismarck Burger and more. 


In keeping with Vancouver’s steadily growing craft beer scene (and increasing supply of interesting brews), Bismarck’s list is extensive. A tight wine list won’t necessarily wow those who are looking for pages upon pages of options; rather, you’ll find a handful of well-chosen wines meant to compliment the menu. In addition, we’d be remiss not to mention the healthy selection cocktails (including a daily featured concoction) that’ll make you happy. 

A convenient location for sports fans heading to and from the CFL or NHL games will undoubtedly be a great draw for Bismarck – they’re a minor stumbling distance to both major arenas – and they also have a nice bevy of flat screens and ample bar space to host any overflow. At about 60 seats all told, the space is cozy without feeling too crowded… but that’s what they’re going for anyhow. 

On weekends, beeline your way to Bismarck and catch local and visiting DJs who will be on hand to amp up the fun factor. That being said, Crosstown is looking like a contender for more and more of Vancouver’s nightlife seekers every day.

Check out Bismarck for yourself at its 526 Abbott Street location (about a block from the Stadium Skytrain station).

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