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Best Toronto Patios: Kasa Moto

If quality Japanese food is what you’re craving in a Toronto restaurant, then Kasa Moto should be your next destination.

Located in the heart of Yorkville, the Japanese joint is just as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside. Home to one of Toronto’s best patios (formerly Remys), Kasa Moto normally sees a full house on any given day – weather permitted. Unlike your average Japanese restaurant, Kasa Moto’s menu pays tribute to Japanese culture, taking on both traditional and contemporary styles of cuisine.

A unique, yet popular item on the menu allows you to do the chef’s job yourself. The guests get to cook their own wagyu beef on a hot stone, which adds to the overall experience. The tableside service is top notch, while fresh wasabi is available at your beckon call. If sushi is what you crave, then you came to the right place. Kasa Moto has a renowned sushi menu that goes beyond food, but becomes art. Beautifully rolled sushi surpasses any average California roll you’ve indulged in. Cocktails are a must when dining at the restaurant. The ice cold drinks are made to perfection with classy presentation.

The eye-popping Toronto patio resembles a clean layout of cabanas and outdoor furniture, adding to the overall experience. Inside, the 141-seat restaurant includes a private dining room and an open concept dining experience, where the layout speaks for itself. Artwork covers the walls while giving off a cultured vibe. The furniture depicts a cozy atmosphere making you feel like you’ve left Toronto and arrived to another country. Customer experience is a priority to Kasa Moto, and is proven the minute you make reservations until you leave the restaurant. The amount of positive customer feedback reflects the restaurant and is why it’s so highly rated. Make sure to show up with an appetite because portions are big, and the kitchen isn’t shy to fill you up.


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