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Beck Taxi Has Launched a Petition to Lower Cab Fares in Toronto

Toronto taxis may have finally adapted the old adage that if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

Beck Taxi, one of the city’s most prominent cab companies, has launched an online petition to “help [them] make Toronto’s taxi fares more reasonable.” What that really means is, help them stay competitive with Uber as the beloved ride-sharing service takes a closer step to becoming legally legit.

“Beck is listening to Torontonians and is committed to evolving with their changing expectations. This includes offering new and innovative technology, exceptional customer service and advocating for a more reasonable fare price for riders,” said Beck Taxi operations manager Kristine Hubbard.

While it’s an applaudable effort, nothing outlined in the petition suggests how Beck’s goal will be achieved. The strategy so far seems to be “sign this, we’ll send it to City Hall, somehow you’ll one day pay less for a taxi.”

Complete with a box to grant Beck Taxi permission to contact you, for now it just seems like little more than an elaborate email marketing tactic.


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